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How-to: Cleaning Your Tires

Proper Cleaning of Your Tires When cleaning your tires, use a soft brush and be careful around the edges of your wheels. You can use special cleaners, but typically the mild detergent you are washing your car with works well when you use a brush. After washing your tires, dry them and apply a tire […]

Tire Dimensions

Size (Metric) Tire Class – P The first character(s) in a tire size designate the tire’s class. In this example, “P” indicates that the tire is a passenger car tire. An “LT” before the tire size designates a light truck tire, and no letter before the size indicates that it is a European metric tire. […]

Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing

Plus sizing is one of the easiest ways to achieve enhanced performance and improve the appearance of your vehicle. In the example below, a 15×7 wheel with a 205/65R-15 tire is considered the O.E. (original equipment) size. Converting to a plus one size would mean increasing the wheel diameter by one inch (16×7.5) and selecting an appropriate […]

How-to: Cleaning Your Wheels/Rims

Cleaning Wheels with a Painted Finish When cleaning your new wheels, we recommend that you refrain from using chemical wheel cleaners. Many of them contain caustic chemicals that can damage the clear-coated finish by clouding it or even removing it. If you wash your vehicle on a regular basis, there is really no need to […]

Bolt Patterns

The bolt pattern is comprised of two numbers – the first indicates how many bolt holes are on the wheel, and the other describes how far apart they are. A bolt pattern of 5-120mm would mean the wheel has five bolt holes and they are 120mm apart (measured across the center of the wheel). We sell wheels […]